Greetings-- My name is Sara.

I'm on a quest to launch my OSINT career.


This site is a work in progress  --  I  will be adding material  to it  slowly but surely. It will be to showcase what I've done and perhaps provide information for others looking to learn.

If you have any questions, I can be reached via e-mail at:

May 17, 2024

CTF Accomplishments

3rd Place

At Nola Con's  OSINT CTF hosted by Chris with CG Silvers Consulting on October of 2022-- our (3 person team) placed 3rd!


4th Place

At Defcon's  OSINT CTF held by Trace Labs on August of 2022 -- our (2 person team) placed 4th!



Online Harassment: Strategies for Journalists’ Defense, February 2021
Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, Online

Strategy & Tactics for OSINT CTF’s, October 2020, Alethe Denis- Innocent Lives Foundation, Online

Digital investigations for journalists: How to follow the digital trail of people and entities, November 2020
Knight Center for Journalism in the America’s, Online

The Power of Digital Audio Storytelling: From Podcasts to Voice Assistants, November 2022
Knight Center for Journalism in the America’s, Online

Masterclass on Online Research with Paul Myers (BBC Academy’s Investigation Support Initiative), May 2020
Global Network of Investigative Journalists (GJIN), Webinar Series: Investigating the Pandemic, Online

Alternative & Advanced Search Engine Intelligence (AASEI)  | Joe Gray, May 2022
Antisyphon Training

Investigative Reporting in Platforms: How to dig into social accounts, images, ads, and messaging apps, June 2023,Online


CTI League, | November 11, 2020 - August 20, 2021 | Threat Response/Insight | Remote/Online 

Night Owl Reconnaissance, | August 4, 2023 - Present | OSINT Investigator

These individuals/organizations are the reason why I know what I know today and its because they are good at what they do and LOVE what they do-- in no particular order: 
Tib3rius - https://linktr.ee/tib3rius
Paul Myers - https://researchclinic.net
Justin Seitz - https://c4ads.org/people/justin-seitz
Cyb Detective - https://cybdetective.com
OhSHint! - https://ohshint.gitbook.io/oh-shint-its-a-blog
OSINT.INDUSTRIES: https://osint.industries 

&& others