Save original image

note any artifacts

Reverse search with the search engine of your choice, I used google.

Other options: 

I altered the image portion size attempting to highlight the stairs or a combination of the lights and the distinct white railings. Cropping certain areas produces different results. 

Focusing on original or unique artifacts may help quicken the verification process in your search instead of the big picture. 

These caught my eye:

1. The stairs separating the dock/pier area

2. White railings

3. Unique lighting

I tested out the “white railing and pier dock” observances within a search: 

WOAH! To my surprise I was overwhelmed with white railings near piers/docks or various combinations! OPS!
Let's speed scroll, not too fast, though!
I mentally noted the appearance of both stairs and railings in hopes of discovery.


lets take a closer look!

The photo’s description notes its location is: Cromer North Sea Norfolk East Anglia England UK
I input the location into google maps to further compare the night photograph and maps views.

Nope, the railings are facing the water and not the road like in the original. Not quite it, lets investigate further…

I found WWW.ALAMY.COM and very useful!

I lead the search with “pier with white railings”

I FOUND THE SHAPE! Now, the photo is in black and white– I wanted to see if the railings were actually white– seems so, lets continue!

I took the location listed: BLACKPOOL PIER and put it through

There are THREE piers in blackpool!

North Pier 

South Pier
Central Pier

Is this correct? Why or why not? 

BTW: Central Pier for the win