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CarNET - determines make and model of car (`)
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License Plate Mania
VIN Check - faxvin
VIN Lookup - Thatsthem
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NICB- National Insurance Crime Bureau VIN LOOKUP
Black Book ONLINE state vehicle records
POSTRA - archive of vehicle auctions
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AutoCheck by Experian Search VIN or by US License Plate
DecodeThis - VIN Decoder for Classic and Modern VINS
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NMVTIS - National Motor Vehicle Title Information System
NICB - National Insurance Crime Bureau
MOTORCYCLE VIN - Get Vehicle History Report
VIN (coderz) Decoder & Lookup

Numberogram- Search by Car Number

CheckCarDetails UK - History Check
Partial UK Plate Search- N. Ireland, other
Vehicle Enquiry UK (Plate #)


SearchQuarry- Information is Freedom: Plate, VIN, Phone, Name, Court, etc., lookup (USA)

Boat History Report - HIN- State Registration NR - USCG Documentation NR

CycleVIN Check
ClearVIN Motorcycle VIN Check

EuroPlate Pictures!

Approved NMVTIS Data Providers

To search NMVTIS to find important vehicle condition and history information, please select a link below for an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider. The Providers' links below offer NMVTIS data to ALL interested parties (e.g., consumers, car dealerships, financial institutions, etc.). In the case where an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider has additional businesses approved to provide vehicle history reports, those URLs are listed under the Approved NMVTIS Data Provider.


Approved NMVTIS Data Provider's Links for both Commercial & Public Customers

Approved NMVTIS Data Provider's Links for Commercial Customers Only

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